One billion queries a month confirm our reputation as one of the most trusted RBL services in the world.

We do not exist because there is spam. We exist because mostly there are bad email service providers and unmonitored datacenters who don't prevent it from happening.

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You are here because your mail server IP is listed due to a detected volume of unsolicited email identified by our email servers. If you are concerned about this situation, chances are that you are sharing the same server with hundreds if not thousands of domains, and at least one them is sending unsolicited email. There are certain email servers that because of extreme bad reputation will not be removed.

We understand that this cause communication problems, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. However we have evidence that we received not only unsolicited mail, but to some specially crafted emails that a spammer in your server gathered from buying lists or crawling for such emails in certain web pages. We published those email addresses in certain pages to act as a decoy to catch unsolicited email. We also block IP addresses that are sending spam, phishing, identity theft, scamming attempts, hacked servers or senders pretending to be someone else, and so forth.

This is a public DNSBL list, being used by thousands of servers receiving billions of emails per month, so that is why if you are a spammer, you will hit us and we will block you. We created this list to join efforts with other RBLs like Barracuda, Spamcop in order to catch incoming email written in spanish which can not detected by SpamAssassin.

If you are the administrator of a server currently being blocked by and you are sure this listing is erroneous, you may request that we review the listing. Although everyone wants to dispute their listing, regardless of merit, we reserve the right to ignore meritless disputes.

We are good guys that simply do not like unsolicited email and block it in order to have a more productive day. So we will give you some helpful advise that you may start doing if you want to improve your chances of not being blocked and even be in our Whitelist.

  • Select a hosting provider with a few customers per IP, since that reduces your chances of being blocked. Stay away from really big companies or those who charge very little. Those companies will make you share an IP address with thousands of other customers. This is bad for your reputation. You may ask how many customers are hosted per IP for a certain hosting provider, but that information is hard to know, and if you ask them, they will probably lie to you. If you pay a very cheap price, you may later pay the consequences. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We can not give you advise in which company to choose, that is a quest that you do on your own. How valuable your business communications are, considering that email is how the world connects these days?
  • You should have a dedicated IP address Stand out from the crowd! If you do not want to change your service provider tell them that you want to pay for a dedicated IP address for your hosting. This way the incoming traffic comes exclusively from you and there is no one else to blame, otherwise you are a victim of your hosting provider.
  • Setup a PTR record for your dedicated IP address in a way that matches your server MTA host, but it is even better that the host name has your domain on it.
  • Make sure that your server IP address is not listed in another RBL at these fine websites: Valli MultiRBL or MXToolBox because if you are listed in some other well known and trusted RBLs, chances are that your IP will not be delisted here.
  • These measures may improve your chances of not being blocked but still, if you insist in sending some unsolicited email you will be blocked again. If you are a legitimate spammer, well, these guidelines do not even apply to your server either.

    There are different scenarios depending on who you are and the level of control that you may have over the email that is sent from your server.

  • Free Email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and so forth. We have noticed that only Hotmail is doing some filtering and few unsolicited email is being delivered from their servers. Yahoo is out of control allowing a huge volume of email and Gmail is following his steps in that matter, specially with their groups. Those companies are being blocked by several RBLs since they show very low monitoring for such a large scale of users and massive email that is being sent. We believe and encourage that no business should be relaying in this kind of service, since those emails are anonymous and can not be trusted whatsoever. For personal matter that may sound fine, but for business is a big no no.
  • Email Marketing Companies. Those companies used to be good, but now anyone can buy their services at a very low price, and a database from somewhere else and start sending their unsolicited email. Email marketing company simply do not care where the database came from, if it is from your loyal customers database or bought on the internet. Under this approach, instead of doing it yourself, you hire someone else to do the dirty job. Unsubscribing to such campaings will only bring more unsolicited email in the future as they are confirming that your email is valid and you will receive unsolicited email from another campaign forever and ever. Gmail Groups are in this category as well.
  • Internet Service Providers. Depending on the size of the company and their accounts/ip ratio is how they perform and what monitoring controls they may have. Do not get mislead by advertising offering hosting featuring unlimited domains, accounts, disk space, bandwidth, etc, since you will probably regret it and the only unlimited thing will be your communication problems.
  • Dedicated IPs services (cloud, virtual servers, dedicated servers, etc.). They usually have the best option for hosting your domain and you will probably never get listed by accident.